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  • About Katie

    Katie Addis is both a Doctor of Physical Therapy and yoga and Pilates Instructor; finding the combination of eastern and western philosophies to find the balance of optimal health!

    "Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the only moment of time over which you have any control: now." -Denis Waitley


Non-Conventional Wrist and Hand Exercises that Work!

Sore, tired, or weak hands and wrists? Here are some non-conventional wrist and hand exercises that work!

A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down: 5 Tips to Optimize Your Healthcare Experience

Ever feel like you aren’t getting what you need from your doctors? 5 tips to optimize your healthcare: If you are anything like me (a busy girl!) you wait until you are either on your deathbed ill or have five or more problems lined up before you take the time to make a doctor’s appointment. … Read more


The Fast Times Of Modern Yoga: Is It Hurting Us?

The Fast Times of Modern Yoga: Is it Hurting Us? Before you rapidly respond “no!” and wonder how I can ponder such a thing, hear me out. After reading Glenn Black’s article last year “How Yoga Can Wreck your Body” in the Times, I was defensive.  Recently I read articles about yoga getting “Too Hot … Read more

The Bees Knees Part I- Patellofemoral Syndrome

The knee joint is a beautiful thing, but easily interrupted, just ask RG3. The poor guy is just 22 years old, red hot, and hurts his knee in game 14, then after sitting out only one game and returning to football, he blows his knee out completely in the playoffs. But Robert Griffin III isn’t … Read more

avila yoga

Where does outdoor beauty inspire you to practice yoga?

The right setting can inspire some super fun yoga! Avila Beach, CA. Where do you get yoga inspiration in the outdoors?  


Freakanomics of Ergonomics

Freakanomics of Ergonomics How many of you out there have an iphone, droid, ipad, macbook, notebook,  etc that you use constantly? Yeah, I thought I wasn’t alone in this. So, this is being written for many reasons, and is applicable to all of us, but what finally made me sit down to put this together … Read more

Thorn in Your side?

Thorn in Your Side? Diagnosing your back pain and treating it! Having back pain and, even more threatening, having pain from your back or hip into one or both legs can be frightening and…really common. In the last week, I have had five patients with pain stemming from either their back or hip and into … Read more

“I Like Pleasure Spiked with Pain…” How we become accustomed to pain in our bodies and 5 tips to free ourselves from it:

I know this got lengthy, but it is the last 8 years of research on my part for pain consolidated into hopefully an easier and more helpful read. Enjoy! (Hint: if you only want bullet points you can scroll to the bold headings) I’m going to use the oldest analogy in the book: Ever have … Read more


Wanderlustful! Beautiful pictures and top five tips for your future wanderlust festival adventure

Wanderlust: A strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. (This is me, and definitely Jen Dyl and Ava Apollo) I’ve sat down and tried to write a blog to capture the life-changing experience I had over a short four-day Wanderlust festival and my words fall flat and far from … Read more

Circling the Muscle Strain Drain

Circling the Muscle Strain Drain It doesn’t seem to matter if I’m working as a Physical Therapist, Pilates teacher, or Yoga teacher; this subject comes up a lot! Strains can nag people for a long time and although they don’t seem that bad as far as injuries go, they’re actually underrated. Also, I’ve been a … Read more